how I startede to cheating my bf

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how I startede to cheating my bf

This is a true incident that happened with me when I was 19. It was the first time I cheated on my boyfriend, the first time I had /anal/anal-sex/">anal sex and that too with a stranger. So here it goes”
One night I was at a dance club with my boyfriend and some of our friends. I was a little drunk and my boyfriend isn't much into dancing and he let me dance by myself.

While I was dancing, swaying my hips to the sexy trance music, I was approached by a guy and he full hd xvideo download asked if I would like to dance with him. I hesitated a bit, then thought what the hell, and said yes. We began to dance together with the music.

I sneaked a glance in the direction where my boyfriend was seated. He was enjoying his drinks, chatting and just looking around casually, watching me and the other people dance. After dancing a little while with this stranger, he started to get a bit more daring.

He moved me away from my friend's table, and he began to run his hands over my back and ass. I had a few glasses of vodka and Redbull before I came on the dance floor, so was feeling a bit drunk already.
I was not very convincing when I asked him to take his hands off my ass. After dancing for some time, I went back to my table to drink. I drank for a bit and then went to the bathroom, as I was feeling a lot pressure because of all the drinks.

When I reached the bathroom, I saw that the guy I was dancing with earlier had followed me to the bathroom.

He blocked me while I was trying to enter the restroom and said to me "You look fucking sexy amateur and I would love to fuck you. Look what you have done to me with your little dance". And saying that, he put his hand on his crotch and I could see a big bulge outlining his pants.
He was quite hard and seemed quite big inside. For a second I was feeling dazed by the way e had spoken to me. And while I stood watching he opened his pants zipper and button and pulled out his hard naked cock. Looking at the big hard cock, my mouth watered a bit as I was feeling a bit horny after the dance and drinks.

I told him that I had felt something while dancing, but didn't think it was so big. Before I could say more, he grabbed my hand and kept it over his hard cock and said: ” Do you feel how hard you have made me ?".

I liked how his cock felt in my hands. His veins protruding out and feeling so sexy. I ran my hands all over his length of the cock. While I was rubbing his cock, he grabbed hold of me again and pulled me outside the dance club through the back door which was right besides the bathroom. I was very drunk and so horny looking at that /hard/big-hard/big-hard-cock/">big hard cock, and so I followed him without saying uttering a single word.

He dragged me behind him towards a dim area in the parking lot, with his cock hanging all out of his pants and dangling around. It looked so sexy. There was no one around. He pushed down his pants and I got to see his full /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock in all it's naked glory. It looked about 8 inches and quite thick too.  He could see the lust in my eyes, watching at his naked cock. He pushed me down on my knees and stood before me, his cock staring straight at me face. Without any further delay, I kissed the tip of his cock and licked it with my tongue. The
purple mushroom head looked so sexy and glistening with pre”cum. He tasted so yummy.

I took his head in my mouth and started circling my tongue around free porn movies download it. He started moaning a bit which got me even more horny. I started sucking at his cock from the sides and running my tongue over the whole length. And licking his balls too. They were huge and hanging quite nicely.

He got restless and grabbed my hair and started to push his cock inside my mouth hard. And started to talk filthy like ”Common, suck my cock hard you porno cum slut. Make me cum. I want to cum all inside your slutty fucking mouth.” This kind of got me more horny and I sucked him hard and deep inside my mouth.

He kept face fucking me for sometime and then he pushed his cock deep inside my mouth and kept it like that. I could feel his body tense and then he spurt shots of cum inside my mouth. I felt his cum hitting me at the back of my mouth and he pulled out. In the process, spurting his cum all over my face.

It was quite a load to be honest. That was the first time anyone had ever cum on my face and mouth. My boyfriend is quite conservative and just believes in doing vanilla sex.

The stranger slapped his slowly limping cock on my face and asked me: ”You liked that, didn't you slut ?” With my mouth filled with his cum, all I could do was nod. I started to get up, but he held me down and said suck me again and get me hard, I want to fuck your slutty cunt. I started sucking him and in no time he was all hard and ready again. I was quite horny by this time and just wanted his big hard cock inside my horny pussy.

I was wearing a short dress with panties and no bra. He pulled me after he was all hard and turned me around and bent over a car. He pulled my dress up and in one go pulled down the panties all the way. My pussy was already wet with anticipation. He stopped after get me naked below the waist and asked me: ”How bad you want my cock, you dirty slut ?”. He made me beg him to /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard like the slut I was. And then he put his cock over my already /cunt/wet-cunt/">wet cunt and rubbed all over it and pushed it inside all the way in a single thrust. A small scream escaped my lips but in just a second I started enjoying his hard cock deep inside my cunt.

My boyfriend isn't much big and I could feel his /cock/big-cock/">big cock explore some areas that have never been reached. I was extremely horny and shuddered and came in just a few minutes of his /fucking/hard-fucking/">hard fucking. I had a crazy hard orgasm and was feeling weak in the knees.

But he didn't stop there. He kept fucking me and I had two more orgasms. And then he whispered in my ears: ”I am going to cum inside your slutty cunt babe.” I got scared and asked him not to /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-inside-my-pussy/">cum inside my pussy. He kept fucking me hard and told me he was going to cum inside me. I begged him not to cum inside my pussy and told him he could cum wherever he wanted except my pussy. So he said ”Ok bitch, get down on all fours and spread your legs wide slut”.

I did what he told and then he came behind me and entered my pussy again and started fucking it. After a few minutes he spat on my asshole and removing his cock from my cunt, he started rubbing it over my tight asshole. It felt good but also scary. I had never had /anal/xxx-anal/xxx-anal-sex/">xxx anal sex before. And looking at his big thick cock I shuddered with fear and asked him not to do what I think he was trying to do. He said ”Keep quiet slut. As you don't want me to cum inside your pussy I am going to fuck your amateur ass and cum inside it.” It seemed like I had no choice so I let him go on with it.

And he pushed his cock inside my tight asshole. It hurt like fucking crazy. I screamed a bit but he muffled it with his hands on my mouth. And kept pushing his hard /fat/fat-cock/">fat cock inside my virgin ass, which was virgin no more. It pained for sometime and slowly I began to enjoy it. He kept fucking me hard from behind with his balls slapping my cunt and I had another orgasm.

He seemed quite ready to cum too judging from the way he started squirming and his cock tightened inside my /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass. And I felt him cumming inside my butt. I could feel his cum hitting my inside and feeling warm and dribbling out of my ass down my legs. He came a bit on my ass cheeks and then went all limp. He put his cock back inside his pants and looked at me. I was a dirty mess with cum all over my face and ass and all sweaty. He took the panties which were lying nearby and put it inside his pants. He passed me a card with his number on it and told me: "Bitch, call me when u want my sperm în your așs, mouth or your pussy. Now u can go to your boyfriend"

With those words he turned around and went to his car which was parked nearby and drove away. I was standing there feeling like a dirty slut. I dragged back to the dance club and cleaned myself up a bit in the bathroom and went back to my boyfriend. I was away for about 40 minutes and he asked me ”Where was I ?”. I said I met an old friend and was chatting with her.

Till date he hasn't known the truth. That was one of the craziest thing that has happened to me.