That Punishment In Sex Toys Store

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
That Punishment In Sex Toys Store

She has been working in this /toys/sex-toys/">sex toys store for many months now. Right after she walked into this job, she felt attracted to the owner; early thirties, 5’11 with dusky complexion and nicely toned body. She always fancied holding his rock solid tool in her hand. Probably that was what kept her distracted most of the times.

Today he was looking really hot. She must have been lost in her fantasies, when something fell off from her hands and broke. He came rushing and saw broken glass on the floor. He just asked her to clear it off and said he is going to cut off her pay. She was in tears but kept quiet. She thought she would talk about it after the shift is over.

She waited for the closing time and after the last of customers walked out of the store, she walked to his cabin. He was getting ready to leave. She could not control her tears and sobbed. She requested him not to cut off her pay. He looked her from head to toe and took a step closer to her and almost brushing her right cheek lightly, placed his lips closer to her ear and said, ’There is another way of paying for the loss too’. She knew just the tone and without missing a beat, she put her hand on his tool. It was hard as rod and trying to tear the trouser to come out.

She went down on her knees and unzipped his trouser. He just held her hair tight and as she took his penis in her mouth, he slowly pushed it deeper wwwxxx down her throat. Before she knew it, she was choking because of his the wwwxxx 8 inches long and 3 inches thick rod. He started moaning and /mouth/mouth-fuck/fucking-her-mouth/">fucking her mouth hard and fast. She gasped for breath but his grip only tightened more. Yet, she was determined to pay him off properly. So she took him deep down her throat and then out again. For a moment she stopped and said, ’i want you to cum inside my mouth!’

Without wasting another second, she took his throbbing penis inside her mouth again and rolled her tongue, sucking hard. Again she took it out and started licking his balls. She sucked his balls hard and he was moaning with pleasure. He started pushing his sack into her mouth forcefully and then put his tool into her mouth again. As he shoved it deep down her throat again, she took control and started sucking it really hard. He was lost into another world, enjoying those soft lips around his penis and that tongue rolling on the tip.

He could not hold any longer and paced up. She knew he is about to cum and hence, she started sucking him /hard/real-hard/">real hard and jerked his penis quickly. Before he even knew it, he was cumming inside her mouth and right down her throat. She did not let even a drop escape out of her mouth and gulped entire load. As she took his penis out, she licked it clean and stood up.

His smile was enough to know, she had successfully paid off for the loss.