A Sexy After Dinner Treat

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
A Sexy After Dinner Treat

I had met Jill a number for years earlier at a conference. We had our meals together, chatted between sessions but it never went beyond that. We exchanged Emails a couple of times a month in the last year or so but that was about it. I couldnt even remember where she was from, (somewhere in Maryland) butI do remember that she was a very hot lady. During the conference she would be dressed professionally, but at dinner she would have on tight slacks and a VERY tight fitting top, often without a bra. Her nipples were always hard it seemed, even during the day when she had a bra on and they would poke through like they were trying to escape. She was always very polite, talking about business or her kids so I did not try anything although I would return to my room after dinner and jackoff thinking about her hot /ass/tit-ass/ass-and-tits/">ass and tits.

In one of our email exchanges I told her I was going to be going to Washington DC for a meeting. She replied that she lived just outside of DC and that we should have dinner. I was happy that I would get to see her as she was a lot of fun to be with and GREAT to look at. She gave me her number so I called when I arrived on Friday afternoon. I had thought about having her come to the hotel for dinner and of course wondered if she would come to my room after for a drink and maybe something else. She suprised me by saying that she wanted me to come to dinner at her home that she didnt want to get out in bad weather, so if I didnt mind she would fix a good home cooked meal since I would be eating room service for a week.

I arrived and she greeted me at the door and much to my dissappointment she was dressed smartly but not very sexy. I gave her a hug and kiss on the cheek, (I could feel her lovely breasts press against me) and we sat down. We were talking and she would get up and on to check on the dinner. As we were eating,(just the 2 of us) I asked about her kids. She told me how they were doing all about school and stuff like that, and I figured that sex for the night was out. (Usually a woman talking about her kids is a tip off it will be a quiet evening). She finished by saying the kids were staying at their fathers for the weekend.

After we finished eating, she returned with a bottle of wine and 2 glasses and said "lets go in the other room". We returned to a small room that had a tv, a sofa and a chair and a huge fireplace. She said she would start a fire and after she got the fire roaring she returned to the big chair and sat down. I was on the soffa. After a couple of minutes of chit chat she said she was getting a bit warm with the roaring fire so she would be right back. She returned with a long one piece "robe" that went shoulders to floor, no buttons or tie, but the neck was just low enough that she was showing some very nice cleavage. It was apparent form the movement of her breasts that she no longer had a bra on either. Things were looking up.

She brought the wine bottle over to fill my glass and sat beside me. There was certainly some sexual tension in the room and things got very quiet. She cleared her throat and said, "well, am I being to obvious?" She placed her hand on my arm and leaned forward and her breasts were almost falling out of the robe.

"Obvious? About what?" I asked and leaned over and kissed her. The small lite kiss immediatley truned into a passionate kiss, our tongues meeting each other and she bagan to moan. After we broke the kiss she took a deep breath and smiled and said, "oh hell that was nice". We kissed again only this time I moved my hand to her breast, first on the outside then sliding it inside the low neckline and found that her breasts were even nicer than I had fantasized about when I jerked off thinking about her. I pinched her nipple lightly and she let out a moan, this time loudly, so I continued down and moved my head to her waiting nipple and began to suck. By now she was sighing and moaning and every now & then an "oh shit" or indian santali xvideo "oh fuck" would slip out. I worked each of her breasts with my
mouth and finallly let her nipple slip out of my mouth with a "POP" as the pressure of my sucking was released. She leaned back and smiled "that felt wonderful", she whispered. She stood up and pulled her robe over her head and she stood befor me in just a pair of very very tiny black panties. "Lets go by the fire" she said as she picked up a blanket that was folded on the couch and spread it before the fire. She knelt before me as I pulled by sweater off. She unbuckeled by trousers and let them slide to the floor. She began to kiss my legs above the knee and worked her way upward, slipping her hand inside the leg of my boxer shorts and ran her finger nails along my now /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock. With her other hand she pulled my shorts down and my cock sprang out. In one motion she pulled them down and took my cock in her mouth. She sucked and licked for a few moments, then took me out of her mouth and looked up at me. "Would you like me to make you /mouth/mouth-cum/cum-in-my-mouth/">cum in my mouth" she asked as she slowly ran her hand lightly over my cock. I looked down at her and said, "whatever you would like Jill, whatever you would like." She pulled me down to her on the blanket and pillows and pushed me on to my back, she was kissing my cock in the head, up and down the shaft and as she moved up and down with her lips she said, "would you mind, I mean I would love to have you in my pussy, feel you hard in there, it has been some time for that for me." She then straddeled me with my erect cock between her legs stiff against her pussy. I said nother and reached down and took my cock in my hand and moved the tip to the opening of her /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy. I could feel the heat and mositure of her pussy as she eased my cock into her. She leaned back as she sat firmly on my shaft. She now had me all the way inside her pussy and she closed her eyes and moaned, "oh shit that feels so good." She tightened the muscles inside her and I could feel her squeeze my cock. She leaned over to me and kissed my deeply and began to fuck me. She was sliding up and down on my shaft with her tongue alain lyle porn in my mouth then sat back up and pushed harder and faster. She leaned back and put her hand between her legs and began to rub her clit. Within no time she was cumming, as she started she she pulled tight around my cock and I felt her shudder as she came, she finally exhaled and just made short little up & down movements on my cock. "Damn that was nice baby, thanks." Then I started to push up to her deeper and deeper as I could. She laughed and started to respond again and moved her hand to her clit again and again she came quickly. "Fuck I need to catch my breath baby", she sighed. I gave her a moment or two and she said, "now baby, what do I do for you?" I rolled her over and started to fuck her fast and hard. She raised her legs over my shoulder which let me go deeper. I could feel my balls slapping her ass as I drove my hard cock deeper & deeper into her pussy.