Becky and Me

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Becky and Me

I never really considered myself a lesbian, in fact I love boys. I especially loved the way a /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock felt inside me, but as I stared at Becky?s beautiful red bush and /sweet/">sweet creamy skin I knew that I simply had to taste her luscious pussy. 

We were in the community shower cleaning up after phys Ed. She and I were kind of the stragglers since everybody else had left to go to their next class. I knew that both of us had free periods next, so we could take our time and shower as long as we wanted. Got did I want to do more than shower though.

I watched, in fact I gazed, as Becky rubbed a soapy lather all over her firm sweet breasts and moving down to her flat stomach. As she caressed her pussy with a soapy handful I thought my legs would give out. I could feel my own hot juices starting to drip down my thighs. I was so hot I even reached down and stuck a finger in my swollen pussy and brought a finger to my mouth for a taste. I was definitely hot and ready to go. I almost wished I was alone so I could finish myself off with a wonderful orgasm. I hoped Becky didn?t notice. I knew I wanted something to happen with her, but I wasn?t sure I was ready to let her in on it. 

I couldn?t stand it any longer I had to cum. So I turned away from Becky and quietly reached between my legs. I was lost to the world as each touch of my finger on my bulging clit sent shivers of pleasure all through my body.

While I was happily massaging my pussy I suddenly felt soft caresses on my butt cheek and another hand reaching around to cover mine over my stunning brunette hussy diana xxxxpv pussy. Then I could feel Becky?s /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples rubbing my back as she took over my pussy stimulation.

In just seconds I experienced the most incredible orgasm I have ever had in my 18 years. Pussy juice was literally gushing from my cunt. My legs finally went completely weak and Becky helped me down to the shower room floor.
She then brought her hand up to her mouth and licked every drop of my sweet honey off them. She reached around and pulled me to her. There I was in heaven nipples to nipples with the object of my first BI-sexual desire. She kissed me long and softly exploring my whole mouth with her tongue.

When She finally came up for air, she said, ? I hope you don?t mind, I saw you staring at me and I just got so horny I couldn?t help myself?. 

I said ? Oh God no, I got so horny looking at you I just had to cum, but I was so /scared/">scared you would see me and run away screaming, this is my /first-time/">first time with another girl and . . ?. 

Becky said ?Well this is mine too but I?m glad I did it.?

Then she began caressing my shoulders and I reached over and returned each caress and then some. I was beginning to get terribly horny all over again. I kissed her sweet lips and worked my way down her incredibly smooth silky neck and onward toward her beautiful breasts. When I reached the nipples I sucked each sweet hard cherry in my mouth. After I enjoyed that first taste of her, I ran my tongue over every sweet inch of her tits. She was softly moaning so I assumed that I was doing something right. As I worked my way down I reached between her legs and covered her mound with my hand. She was positively dripping!

I finally reached her pussy and just kind of stood still inhaling her heavenly musky scent. It was the most incredible aroma I have ever smelled. Finally I moved my hand away and practically attacked her pussy with my mouth. God, what a wonderful taste. In the past, when I have masturbated, I have tasted myself and I thought I tasted good, but this was heaven. I licked her slit from bottom to top for about five minutes and finally I spread her lips apart. Her clit was completely huge and beautiful. 

I sucked it in my mouth as I fingered her pussy. Becky began to twitch and moan even louder. Then there it was. . . I caused an earthquake sized orgasm on this incredible redheaded beauty. While I continued licking her for what seemed like forever I reached down and began to finger her sweet /butts/butt-hole/">butt hole. This drove her absolutely /crazy/">crazy and she came again.

Finally I stopped and came back up we lay there in each others arms for a few minutes with the water still beating down on us. Becky Looked at me and began to kiss me passionately. 

Then she stopped and said ?It?s my turn now?. 

She moved down to my neck and then my tits, sucking each nipple and all over my boobs just like I did her. Becky continued working her way down my body with her mouth. I really thought I was going to explode. Finally she reached my pussy. She didn?t waste and time. Becky ran her tongue all over my lips, gently separating them with her tongue to get a taste of my /wet/pussy-wet/wet-juicy-pussy/">wet juicy pussy. She moved away from my pussy and started licking that little spot between my pussy and my /asshole/">asshole. I was going crazy. Finally she stuck her tongue in my tight little puckered asshole and I couldn?t hold back and more. I exploded in orgasm even more than before. In fact I think it was more like erupting. I have had orgasms before that I have caused masturbating and even several with boyfriends, but never anything like this. 

Becky pushed her finger in my pussy to get it wet and replaced her tongue in my asshole with it. Then she opened my lips up with her other hand and began to suck my clit. Every so often she would stop sucking and just run her tongue around it. I was once again on fire and it didn?t take long before I came again. She continued until it subsided and we laid in each others arms for a few minutes to recuperate. 

Finally, when we could white attractive slutty whore xxxxvie both talk again, she said ?God I?ve wanted to do that for the longest time!? 

I said ?Me too this was better then I even imagined!?