Not A Single Word

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Not A Single Word

?From my childhood I have always known that I have this thirst, this need and I haven?t figured out what, it was like something missing from me all the time and nothing I did ever filled that gap. Everything seemed so boring, maybe it was because my forefathers were hunters and soldiers so I too share these wild instincts. I am Raj and actually I am a cool guy, good with people and do have a good conscious and morals like I don?t support prostitutes and I hate and simply hate rapists and incest?s. And at time I have punched sense in some eve teasers, but nothing makes go off the edge and raise my heart beat. Back in the days I use to go hunting with my grandfather and /dad/">dad. And believe me that was the only time I felt anything, the chase the stalk the thrill the waiting for the right time to strike... But soon that was taken away from me as government banned it for good. Ever since I was restless for the most of time and my? drug was simply taken away from me and I had absolutely nothing else to do that could relive me and over time it was getting really hard to hide from everyone I know. Until?

One night when I was walking back home and it was a little late, so I was taking a shortcut and entered this small lane without proper lighting and just in front of me there was a girl I didn?t see her face but I could make out what was she like, tall, busty walking right in from of me leaving a trail of amazing scent. I don?t what got into me but I was getting that old familiar feeling again, I started stalking her, following that booty where ever she turned. Placing my every step carefully, all I wanted to do was to jump from behind and grab her there and then. I was losing it, I was getting restless and I started to get closer, until she reached her home and I had to go a separate way for mine. When I reached home I started thinking what was that, I myself didn?t know what was happening back there, what got into me. But man was I feeling alive back then. It was just like hunting, stalking your prey, watching anticipating their every move and waiting for the right time to strike. I didn?t want to hurt her or anything and I was sure it was not sexual then what was it? And I was very clear that I didn?t want to rape her. Then what did I want?

So then what! I got a new hobby I started stalking girls in lonely alleys, night after night I was following some girl, carefully just a couple of meters away from them, moving quietly without a sound, following them like a shadow just till they reached home. For a while it was fun, I thought that in a way I protecting helpless girls from rapists but not having to do anything more than that was even more frustrating. The kill of a hunt is like a massive orgasm and not doing anything more than just stalking was killing me. I was waiting for something and one night I saw this amazing girl getting into a lonely alley. She was by far the hottest girl I had ever seen, she was sexier that all the girls I have seen so far, combined. I didn?t even realized when I was on her trails and this girl? wow she had curves at those places where most girls don?t even have place. From her attire she was defiantly an air hostess. In her skin tight clothes she was driving me /crazy/">crazy with that round ass shaking right in front of me, that slim waist, those round melons and that round booty was making me go wild. I realized that today stalking is not enough, I had to have her, so I took a step back, with a deep breath and cleared my head and made sure that I didn?t want to rape her, no not at any cost. Why? I have standards.

So I started getting closer and closer and I didn?t know where she lives so I had hurry as she could reach her home anytime, as I was getting closer to my prey, my heart was pounding out of my chest, it was even better than hunting. Then suddenly she stopped in front of a house and took out keys from her purse, for me it was now or never. I reached behind her, just inches away standing absolutely still but she realized that some was behind her, before she could turn around I grabbed her by the waist with one arm and placed my other hand on lips to avoid her from screaming. She stared struggling, trying to break free from this monster but I am really strong. She was really frightened I could tell, struggling, kicking doing anything to get away, but she wasn?t going anywhere but only towards me. I knew I had to do something so I moved my lips next to ears and whispered ?ssssshhhhh? then all of a sudden her resistance was reduced to less than 50%. Then I started breathing slowly on her neck, moving my hands slowly from her waist to her DD mountains, slowly but firmly rubbing her nipples giving them a little squeeze. DD, I was sure her boobs were no less than DD.

The left one then the right one then again and again rubbing them, squeezing a little harder and harder. Then I started moving my palm on body, rubbing her from face to waist. Her resistance was getting weaker with every stroke, now she wasn?t trying to break free but still trying to get me off. Then I put my hand under her shirt and now I rubbing her boobs over her bra. My grip was getting firmer and firmer when I started pulling her toward me. Then I started kissing her neck slowly. Now I was starting to get a reaction from her side too, she started breathing heavily I could feel her heart beating on my hand hard enough to push it away but still I couldn?t risk removing my hand from her lips. So I slowly moved my other hand on her thighs and stared to pull her tiny little skirt up while my kissing her neck was getting harder. Now I was rubbing her crotch over her panties, hhmm cotton panties? Nice.

Now she was under my control and she was responding as well, It took a lot of time but it was working. She started pushing her ass towards me, now there was a minimal risk of her shouting for help so I slowly removed my hands from her lips and moved them under her shirt while my other hand was entering her cotton panties and my lips moving down her neck. What happened next amazed me she moved her hand caught my hairs on the back of my head and started pulling me towards her and her other hand sliding my hand over her pussy and way she pressed upon my hand I figured that she wanted me rub her harder but I had other plans. I turned her around, her eyes were closed and I could see a little /ecstasy/">ecstasy on her face and could hear a little moaning from her lips, her big soft juicy lips calling for me. Now it was time for some games, I had to make sure that she wanted this badly.

I slowly moved my lips closer to her and as soon as our lips touched a little I quickly pulled mine back a little and within a split second she came closer to my lips and now it was on. We were kissing so passionately that it could even turn on a nun. Now one of her hand was on my crotch and other exploring my chest, while I lifted her skirt to her waist and then started to unbutton her blouse. I decided to take it inside, that area had small houses and mostly people were just renting there cause of their jobs and as she had her house locked up. It still was dark inside so I figured the house was empty. I opened the door and lifted her in my arms. As we started moving in I just happened to look up there was a girl on her balcony on the other building staring her with her eyes pooped out and hands all over boobs. I could tell she too was turned on by that and kept looking at me and rubbing her boobs softly.

I didn?t have much time for a staring contest as I had this insanely sexy girl slowly turning on and wanting for more. Sorry girl the show is over and I took her inside and closed the door. Now we were just pulling clothes off of sexxxx video ful hd each other, I slowly removed her blouse or coat or whatever it was completely, now she too showed some courage too. She started unbuttoning my shirt and she herself removed my shirt off me. I saw her eyes were widened up and lust drilled into them. I am very good build guy, not with washboard abs exactly but close. I saw it in her eyes she was turned on she wanted me. Now I just tore off and literally tore off her shirt and for the /first-time/">first time I saw her round perfectly shaped boobs concealed in a black bra, actually this was the first time I got to see her properly and she was just drop dead /gorgeous/">gorgeous, her long black hairs were absolutely straight rolling down side of her face, she moved all of them to one side on her shoulder, she had a light makeup enhancing her sharp features, her seductive eyes, her big juicy pink lips and damn was she fair just like snow white. She was defiantly by far the sexiest girl I have ever seen, standing in front of me half naked?. fully aroused.

Now I lifted her up in my arms and she wrapped her legs around me, kissing her hard and she was swallowing my tongue deep in her throat. She was breathing heavily on me but I wasn?t so much, so just to match thing up I too acted to breathe heavily. I was lucky to find the bedroom all by myself and I placed her on the bed and then sunk my face in her boobs, kissing them softly but wildly. I reached to her back and unhooked her bra and tossed it a side and there they were two perfect round boobs with hard pink nipples, my hands reached her ass and grabbed it tightly while my face on her nipples kissing them licking them and softly biting from time to time. While her one hand was my head and one my back, her legs tightly wrapped around me. After sucking her pink /nipples/hard-nipples/">hard nipples for a while I pulled her up with force. I sat on the bed with her still sitting on me and her legs still around and her constant seductive moaning was just heating things more. I slowly reached for her panties and started sliding them down, then she got up and I took her black cotton panties completely off and she was sitting naked in front of me, she still had her black stocking things on and she was just about to take them off but I stopped her, I liked those stocking on her milky white body. She was looking like a real angel, white as snow and really really sexy, you rarely find a girl this curvy, such slim waist and round /boobs/big-boobs/">big boobs with a tight firm ass.

With me sitting on the bed I pulled her close to my crotch and she herself started unbuttoning my jeans. And she took them completely off of for me. She softly started biting my dick from over my boxers, she slowly pulled my boxers down and I could see her eyes getting bigger and breath getting even heavier. There I was, completely naked too. She got really close to my cock and for a while she was staring at it with her mouth wide open and eyes filled with lust. I grabbed her hairs softly then brought her closer and she opened her mouth a little and I slowly pushed her head on my cock. And she started sucking me softly, she wasn?t a pro but I wasn?t complaining but I did liked the way she was making circles with her entire tongue around my shaft with my cock still in her mouth. She wasn?t able to take much of it inside of her mouth just a little more than the head but I was enjoying it. She continued that for a while but I had to find another place to fit my whole cock in so I pulled her off of my cock and made her lie on her back. I moved in her a little and placed my hand in the insides of her thighs. i lifted, spreaded her legs apart, and there I saw that clean shaved pussy dripping wet waiting for me. Her entire body did smelled amazing, it was like an ice cube in a cocktail. I placed my cock on little hole and started rubbing on it, this made her shiver wildly like a fish out of the water. I saw that she had her eyes closed and from her face I could tell she was begging not to tease her anymore, so I rubbed her hole just a little and started inserting my cock slowly into her and man was she tight, just till the head was in she started moaning very hardly yet seductively. I saw she was biting her lips so I on top of her and dug my lips on her while I pushed my cock further into her, she wrapped her legs around me again and her nails were just digging into my back.

After getting my cock a little more deep, slowly I pulled my cock out just a little and pushed it further in and now her moaning was off the charts she wasn?t screaming but she was making such sexy sounds as if she has been waiting for this for a long time. Now I was completely inside her and I started the piston working slowly and steadily, I saw her face she had a big smile with excitement and pleasure written all over her. I then all of a sudden felt something, like a massive blast in her pussy, my god she just cumed, I haven?t even started and she cumed. It seems she hasn?t had some fun in a long time. I gave her a few seconds to relax then I started moving my dick again, slowly slowly I was increasing my thrust digging deep into her. then i saw her boobs bouncing in my rhythm, I couldn?t just leave them alone so I started sucking her nipples again and then I heard a little naughty laughter in her moans and I saw her and she seemed so full of pleasure and was really happy about it. That just made me increase my pace a little, I felt that she was moving her ass with the rhythm. I was giving the amazing diva long deep strokes who was wrapped around me as if she hanging on to a tree in a hurricane.

I was so enjoying every moment of each stroke in her tight little pussy and then suddenly I felt she was tightening her pussy even further more and there was a slight shiver in her body and I knew and was going to cum again, but I didn?t slowed my pace a little until I felt another explosion on my cock again. She was moaning with such seducing voice that couldn?t hide her happiness. Then again after a few seconds I just lifted her up in the air, with my dick still inside her I heard a little laughter which was a little kid?s who was about to go on a roller coaster like ?wwwoohooo.? And started thrusting my cock deep into her while standing and her the air, she started kissing me hard with her hands on shoulders and nails digging deep in my flesh and my hands were on her ass making her bounce up and down going deep and I swear I could feel her womb on the tip of my dick. After a little bouncing she dug her nails so deep that I felt a little blood coming off. She was just squeezing me in her legs and arms while I was bouncing her on my love pole and kissing her hard. What I really enjoyed at that time was that her tits were pressing hard on my chest and her hard nipples rubbing on me with every bounce. Soon I felt her pussy getting really tight again and in no time she cumed again.

Now we were getting all sweaty and wild, I saw in the couch right outside the room I took her there and sat on the couch with she was still in my arms and my cock still inside her dripping pussy, she started kissing me again, I grabbed her ass really tight and slowly started making her bounce on my pole slowly and as deeply as possible. I felt her response to the rhythm as well, I increased my pace with each stroke and she moved one of her hand on my shoulder and one on her head as I could see she was completely enjoying her cowgirl experience with that same smile of excitement and satisfaction on her face. Now we were ramming her really deep and hard and she actually riding like a cowgirl with head held a little back and both her hands on my face. Then I grabbed her waist and started twisting it in circles, I call that ?The Jalebi Style?

This really pushed us off the edge I could see how much she was enjoying it. Now I too was at my limit I picked her up quickly and with my dick still inside her I rushed to the bedroom. I placed her on the bed again quickly and lifted her ass up a I little and got completely on top of her, with her ass a little in the air and my dick deep inside her I was ramming her like hell. Now she was screaming with joy and I told was in heaven. It felt so amazing when my dick was throbbing in her pussy and how our skins were rubbing against each other. I am telling xxx sex video download free com the whole place was just about to catch fire. And after some hard deep ramming she just had the biggest blast of orgasm so far and just after that I shot my load deep inside her, with some massive blast I filled her tight little pussy with my cum and she was still moaning with utter pleasure.

I just collapsed on top of her, I then wrapped her in my arms and turned her so now she was lying on me and then we started kissing each other softly and we slowly drifted off to sleep. I woke up in the morning around 6 and she still fast asleep, with more than half her body on top of me. I didn?t know whether to wake her up or not, should I go for another round? I slowly got out from the bed and I cleaned myself a little in her bathroom. Then found my clothes and after putting them on I sat next to her, I wanted to stroke this amazing girl?s hairs who showed such a wonderful time but I didn?t want to wake her up.

She was looking like a little girl deep in her sleep dreaming about her prince charming, she looked so peaceful that I just couldn?t wake her up. So reluctantly i come out of her house and I noted down her address. But still didn?t want to leave her like that, luckily not far away I saw a flouriest by the road side, I rushed towards him and bought a beautiful set and went back to her house she was still a sleep. I captured her like that in my head and placed those flowers along the bed side and left the house. I am sure she read the note that I left her on the flowers ?thanks for the amazing night, defiantly looking forward to see you soon, until next time.?